What is SVG?

svg what is svg

What is SVG?

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG is a popular vector image file format. Most of the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari support rendering this file format. If you want to scale the designs and you want to do large printing without losing its quality, the answer is SVG.

All the information about the shapes, colors, sizes, lines, curves and texts is stored in readable text files because each of SVG files is based on Extensible Markup Language (XML). What is XML? XML is a set of document in a format that human and machine can read.

There are two kind of files, one is Raster and the other one is Vector. SVG falls into vector format category. If you wish to customize the designs like resizing or editing the layers, you can do it with SVG. You can scale the vector up to 10x more than its original size without losing the quality. Meanwhile with Raster, you can only view and crop the files. If you want to scale up the designs, you will lose the quality. 

SVG is a very friendly file format. They take up very small space in your hard disk. You can edit, add animation or effects using Javascript or CSS. SVG also has .text in it. This can improve your SEO on image's search engine result like Google so your images can be more visible and get more traffics. 


Where can you use SVG format?

Printing: Do you need a logo for your company? Do you need backdrops for your party? Do you need to print something on a shirt? Yes. Printing is the answer. The main reason why people use SVG is for printing. You will get the best quality by using this file format. 

There are many more reasons why you should use SVG file format. Overall, SVG are best for printing and artworks. The only downside of this format is if you are using an old browser. It can be difficult for your old browser to read the files.

Your projects will turn out great with SVG files. Let us know if you need any custom files. Feels free to ask if you have any questions. 


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