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Black women are one of the prettiest females in the world. Their big eyes and curly black hair and almost everything makes them perfect. You can't compare black women with any other woman on earth.

Blacknificent comes from the word Black, and Magnificent. Why magnificent? Magnificent is something extremely beautiful and very impressive according to the Oxford Dictionary. The word itself is so strong that you don't need any definition to show how beautiful black women are.

When it comes to beauty, their beauty is not just an ordinary. Their Black Beauty is excellently dripping through them. Black women are God's favorites.They're kissed by the sun and bathed in chocolate. You will never meet the same creature like them.

Blacknificent also represents a very strong and deep pride in African roots and black culture. It also shows that one should never be in doubt to be proud of their skin color.

                       "I woke up feeling blacknificent this morning!"


Be proud of our skin. I am a black-skinned colored woman. Nothing can ever change that. There is history, blood, tears, strength and power to the color of my skin. Say it loud, I'm Black and Proud!!


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Blacknificent SVG blacknificent svg blacknificent definition

blacknificent svg

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